Telegram Plus Gold 2023

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Telegram Plus Gold 2023

There is no doubt that the popularity of the Telegram program has increased significantly in recent times after the privacy issue raised by Facebook through its WhatsApp application. and it is known that Telegram is one of the best encrypted and secure messaging programs, and it has recently published a modified version of Telegram Plus or Telegram Plus 2023.

called Telegram Plus Gold. The Telegram Plus Gold version provides users with most of the advantages of the regular Telegram program. in addition to many classifications of folders to classify the channels and groups that you have subscribed to on your phone and now you can download Telegram Plus Gold 2023.

Download Telegram Plus Gold 2023 Telegram Gold. the latest update from the Telegram application. the rate of the latest version that was developed and launched to bear the features that Telegram lacks. Social networking in the Golden Telegram Abu Arab program the latest version.

Telegram Plus Gold 2023

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Download Telegram Plus Gold 2023

Telegram Plus, the latest version of Telegram Plus 2023 is the modified application from the official Telegram and adds to it features that the new Telegram does not contain. including themes that allow you to change colors. text sizes and icons and outperform the original application, especially in tabs. the Telegram Plus Plus Messenger program also contains a photo editor that enables you to modify your photos Before sending it. learn about Telegram Plus for Android and its various features.

To become the best application to download Telegram Gold. where it is used by many people and many millions because of the wonderful additions that were not found in the original Telegram application. Moreover the Golden Telegram download version is an unofficial version. but it was developed by the main Telegram company. Therefore, which made many people search for it during the process of downloading the golden telegram, you find a link at the bottom of the topic.

The Telegram Plus Gold application is a modified version of the normal Telegram, and like other Plus programs, most of the features provided by the regular Telegram program allow downloading the Golden Telegram, the self-destruction feature of messages, where the messages disappear after a short time from the device of both the sender and receiver, in addition to Features of privacy, high security, and periodic updates, such as adding the feature of voice calls, video calls, and the feature of people nearby

How to install Telegram Gold Apk

After downloading Telegram Gold from the previous download button, follow the following steps:

Enable the installation of applications from unauthorized sources of biometrics and security in your phone settings.
Download the Golden Abu Arab Telegram through the download link above.
Click the Install button.
Open the application, enter your phone number and the code that you receive.
Now enter your name, and thus you have successfully downloaded Telegram Plus 2023 and installed it successfully.

Features of Telegram Gold

Run more than one Telegram number on Android & Iphone, chat with friends easily, and send messages on both accounts
Hide the online status (last seen) while you can see the status of others
Option to hide the number
Secret and secure chats
advanced coloring system
Supports more than 12 languages, including Arabic
It contains very beautiful themes
Option to activate and deactivate the animation
Turn notifications on or off
Switch themes, in addition to controlling the color and size of the connection, the color of writing and backgrounds
privacy change
The ability to share files with a broadcast list that can have more than 99 contacts
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The Telegram Plus Gold program, the latest update, contains a lot of additional features and options in Telegram Plus Gold and privacy options that allow you to use the program safely and completely confidentially.

This new version of the Golden Telegram Plus Abu Arab Telegram Plus apk allows you to change the color of the main interface and theme. as well as the ability to hide your phone number. as well as the ability to change Telegram themes and hide the last appearance. and many other great additions and features.

Download Telegram Plus Gold 2023 now on your device

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